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AAStore is a user-friendly app designed by croccio that lets you download Android Auto apps directly to your mobile device or tablet. As an alternative to Google Play, AAStore provides a simple and intuitive interface for browsing and installing automobile-specific applications without needing a computer.
AAStore is available at no cost, with unlimited downloads allowed within its catalog of auto apps. The app functions just like any other app store – browse the selection and tap install to begin the process. Each downloaded application includes a description for your convenience.
The design of AAStore is focused on ease-of-use and clear navigation, allowing even the most novice users to find and install their desired automobile apps. With both rooting and nonrooting support available within AAStore, you can expect a hassle-free experience when downloading your new applications.
It's important to note that AAStore is limited in its capabilities, only allowing the installation of Android Auto apps designed for automobiles and not all available Android applications. Additionally, this app does not support operating systems higher than version 6.4; users may need to downgrade their OS for compatibility purposes.
In summary, AAStore serves as a convenient and straightforward option for installing Android Auto apps directly on your mobile device or tablet without the need of a computer. Its user-friendly interface, unlimited downloads, and easy navigation make it an appealing choice for those looking to expand their automobile app experience without the added complexity of other solutions.