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Among Us for Android

Deceptive Fun: Team Up or Sabotage in Among Us!

  • Developer: InnerSloth LLC
  • License Type: free
  • Language: english
  • Platform: Android
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Among Us Logo

Among Us is a fun, free multiplayer game that brings together 4 to 15 players in an exciting online adventure. It's available on Android and works great for parties or playing with friends nearby using local Wi-Fi. Developed by InnerSloth, Among Us is a game that people of all ages can enjoy. The goal is to figure out who among the group is an Impostor trying to sabotage your mission while you work together as crewmates to complete tasks and survive.
The game starts with everyone doing their normal duties on a spaceship, without talking at first. When the first death occurs, players can then use text and voice chat to discuss what they think is happening. There are two ways for crewmates to win: completing all tasks or correctly guessing the Impostor's identity and voting them off the ship. The Impostor can only win if they manage to kill everyone before tasks are finished.
Playing as a crewmate involves deduction and teamwork, using tools like the Admin map and security cameras to help you out. As an Impostor, communication is key for success because it's a more challenging role that involves both killing other players and stopping them from completing their tasks. You must frame others to distract everyone, close doors on crewmates one by one, or even sabotage the ship's functions.
Despite some scary elements and cartoonish violence in Among Us, it is relatively safe for kids to play compared to other online games since there's no direct contact with strangers. However, parents should still be aware of potential dangers in connecting with unknown players through the chat feature.
New updates like The Fungle map bring fresh challenges and exciting features to keep gameplay fun, such as sandy beaches, mushroom jungles, towering cliffs, new tasks like fishing or frisbee games. The Mushroom Mixup sabotage lets players swap colors and cosmetics temporarily to help Impostors blend in easier but only for a limited time.
Among Us is an exciting game that combines deduction, trickery, and mayhem to create thrilling multiplayer experiences for everyone who loves a good mystery. You can download it for free on Android devices right now!