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AppCleaner for Mac

Effortless Mac App Cleanup with AppCleaner

  • Developer: Freemacsoft
  • License Type: free
  • Language: english
  • Platform: Mac
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AppCleaner Logo

AppCleaner is a free software that allows you to easily remove applications and find related files on your Apple macOS device. This program helps clean up your computer by finding all connected files and folders taking up space, making it an efficient cleaning solution for Macs.
Other similar tools to AppCleaner include AppZapper, CCleaner, and CleanMyMac - all of which are compatible with Apple Mac computers. Both AppCleaner and AppZapper have nearly identical user interfaces, while CCleaner and CleanMyMac offer more detailed information on their UIs.
You can use any of these programs for free. AppCleaner is a completely free utility, developed by FreeMacSoft, without even an option to purchase the software or donations requested on their website. The developers make sure you can update your platform each time a new release is made available, completely free of charge.
AppCleaner is safe to use as it doesn't have third-party software or malware included in the program and no adware presence either. While there isn't an established privacy policy on their website, AppCleaner is considered safe since it only accesses your digital content and does not pose a risk.
AppCleaner can be used as a utility for uninstalling applications, widgets, or plugins on your macOS and identifying files connected to apps. You have the ability to customize which files get deleted by selecting individual components using checkmarks as guides. AppCleaner will automatically select associated files with each app, and you can delete them all at once after clicking the "Remove" button.
The user interface is simple to navigate through sleek design with two buttons: 'Importer' and 'Browser'. Apps can be dragged into the window in Importer, while Browser lets you view installed apps by scrolling or typing titles to find specific programs.
Additional features include a customizable 'Preferences' menu under the AppCleaner tab, where you can manage protection settings for apps and enable automatic software update checks. The 'SmartDelete' command detects when an app is being uninstalled, providing the option to remove leftover files associated with it.
Overall, AppCleaner provides a comprehensive solution for removing applications and related files from your Mac device while ensuring security during the process.