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ARK: Survival Evolved for Android

Prehistoric Adventure: ARK's Evolution Journey

  • Developer: Studio Wildcard
  • License Type: free
  • Language: english
  • Platform: Android
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ARK: Survival Evolved Logo

ARK: Survival Evolved is an engaging game that transports you to the early days of human existence. This adventure challenges you to survive and adapt as humanity's journey unfolds before your eyes. Throughout different eras, this game will test your survival skills through changing environments and dangerous creatures you encounter along the way.
To make it through each challenging period, consider both physical safety and personal well-being. Gather food, find shelter, adapt to new lifestyles as your environment evolves. Start by living in caves or trees and eventually build farms, homes, and even reach the era of technology. As you progress, uncover new goals beyond mere survival - discoveries to be made and rival tribes who challenge your resources.
Combat begins as other civilizations appear on the scene, so prepare for battles against them while protecting yours. Don't forget that dinosaurs can be your allies in this game! While historically unlikely, ARK: Survival Evolved allows you to capture, tame, and train these prehistoric creatures as pets. Utilize them for daily tasks or battles against opposing civilizations; breed them if you wish!
With exploration, hunting, building and fighting as core activities within the game, ARK: Survival Evolved promises hours of enjoyable entertainment. Watch yourself grow from a humble beginner to powerful empire ruler while enjoying the unique addition of pet dinosaurs throughout your adventure.