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Bus Simulator Indonesia for Android

Explore Indonesia by Bus: BUSSID 3D Adventure

  • Developer: Maleo
  • License Type: free
  • Language: english
  • Platform: Android
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Bus Simulator Indonesia Logo

Introducing Bus Simulator Indonesia, also known as BUSSID - a mobile game created by the talented team at Maleo. This thrilling bus driving simulation takes you on an exciting journey through various Indonesian cities, behind the wheel of a wide variety of authentic buses. With high-quality 3D graphics and two unique game modes to choose from, BUSSID guarantees an immersive gaming experience without the need for annoying in-game ads.
BUSSID is not your average bus simulator - it offers a plethora of features and an unparalleled Indonesian setting, bringing the true essence of the country to life. The game boasts two main modes - one allows you to follow a single-player campaign where your goal is completing bus routes, earning money and expanding your very own fleet of vehicles. The other mode offers an open-world experience, allowing you to choose a bus and city freely, practicing driving skills at your leisure.
The single-player campaign is designed much like other tycoon games - you start with a simple bus and must complete routes to earn money, which can be used to upgrade your vehicles. The more successful you are in the game, the larger fleet of customizable buses becomes available for use. In addition to these features, BUSSID provides various control options - you can choose between tilting your smartphone or tapping the screen while driving, with an option for a virtual steering wheel if desired. The game also offers multiple camera angles like fixed camera, bird's eye view and cabin view to make the experience even more engaging for players.
Bus Simulator Indonesia takes pride in its authentic representation of Indonesian cities and bus designs, creating a unique environment that truly immerses gamers into the world. Furthermore, players have the option to design their own 3D models using an advanced vehicle mod system - adding a personalized touch and unlimited potential for customization.
Although the game offers many strengths, such as its easy-to-navigate user interface, stunning graphics quality and simple mechanics - there is still room for improvement. Traffic scenes lack realism compared to everyday life in Indonesia; no traffic rules are enforced or speed limits considered, creating an unrealistic gaming environment reminiscent of a racetrack. Additionally, passengers only board at designated terminals and cannot be seen inside the buses - despite being notified that they have entered. Crash animations are unrealistic, with no visible damage to vehicles after collisions occur. The game is also known for frequent glitches and crashing issues on some devices - occasionally requiring players to uninstall and re-download the application.
Overall, Bus Simulator Indonesia is an entertaining driving game that offers a unique opportunity for gamers to experience life as a bus driver in the diverse country of Indonesia. With its numerous customization options, captivating gameplay and authentic locations, this mobile app is sure to provide hours of enjoyment for bus enthusiasts everywhere. Despite the need for some optimization updates in order to fully capture its intended authenticity, BUSSID remains a must-try game that will undoubtedly delight and challenge players alike.