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CamScanner for Android

Capture & Share Docs Quickly: CamScanner App

  • Developer: INTSIG
  • License Type: free
  • Language: english
  • Platform: Android
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CamScanner Logo

CamScanner is a mobile app that turns your iOS or Android phone into a document scanning machine. It allows you to scan documents and share them as PDFs or JPEG files for various purposes, such as work or school. Other apps like Adobe Scan, NoteBloc, Microsoft Office Lens, and Genius Scan offer similar capabilities but have different features. CamScanner is a freemium app that offers a basic free version with ads and a premium option for added features without ads.
Using the simple tap-to-scan feature, CamScanner allows you to capture images of documents quickly and easily, even on your smartphone screen. The app then enhances the image quality by adjusting lighting conditions or cropping unnecessary background elements automatically for optimal results. You can also apply filters to match your preferred color scheme and save these scanned images in an organized manner with tags that you create based on document types.
The app offers various sharing options, such as email or social media platforms like Facebook for easy distribution of scanned documents in multiple formats (JPEG/PDF). You can even use the app to print, fax or send your document directly through email without any hassle.
The premium version of CamScanner provides extra editing capabilities like annotations on scanned documents, watermarking for added security and password protection to keep sensitive files private. It also enables additional conversion features between PDF, Word, Excel, PPT formats (including images).
CamScanner even supports OCR technology that allows users to extract text from image files for easy editing or reference. This feature works with 16 languages, including English, Japanese and Chinese!
The subscription tiers in CamScanner Premium are based on accumulated duration of use. Each level comes with more perks, such as increased cloud storage or monthly credits for OCR and ID Photo features—the higher the tier, the better your rewards.
In summary, CamScanner is a user-friendly app that makes scanning and sharing documents easier than ever on any mobile device!