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Cricket 19 for Windows

Unleash Cricket Champion: Rise, Lead & Conquer!

  • Developer: Big Ant Studios
  • License Type: paid
  • Language: english
  • Platform: Windows
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Cricket 19 Logo

Cricket 19 is a fun and engaging sports game that lets you step into the shoes of a professional cricket player. With realistic graphics, effects, and gameplay, this game takes you to international tournaments where you can lead your team towards championship victories.
In Career Mode, build a cricket club from the ground up with players who have average skills in cricket. As you progress through the levels and win matches, earn rewards that can be used to improve your team's abilities and performance. Enhance their batting accuracy or stamina so they have more energy during challenging matches, even in unfavorable weather conditions such as hot temperatures that tire players quickly.
The game environment has an impact on how your team performs - be prepared to adapt your strategy accordingly! Your ultimate goal is to win as many tournaments as possible, which in turn helps you strengthen and improve each team member.
In addition to Career Mode, Cricket 19 offers a unique Scenario Mode where players can create their own cricket game scenarios and even relive historic matches from real-life events. Manipulate the course of the match by going back to a certain point in time, altering some of the events that took place during the game. This exciting mode allows you to experience playing for both teams and determine your own victory outcome!
Cricket 19 delivers a top-notch cricket gaming experience with its realistic graphics, smart AI for challenging gameplay, and immersive modes. Give the Scenario Mode a try – you won't be disappointed! Enjoy becoming an international cricket star with this fantastic game that offers endless entertainment and challenges for both newcomers and experienced players alike.