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Dream League Soccer 2018 Logo

Dream League Soccer 2018 for Android

Dream Team Soccer: Build, Play & Win! Free Mobile Sports Fun 🌟✨

  • Developer: Bhari New
  • License Type: free
  • Language: english
  • Platform: Android
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Dream League Soccer 2018 Logo

Dream League Soccer 2018 is a free mobile sports game that lets you create, manage, and play with your own dream soccer team. This app offers smooth animations and fast-paced action as you compete against AI opponents of varying skill levels.
The game allows you to build your dream team from a current roster, featuring popular players like Modric, Mbappe, and Salah. With hundreds of real athletes at your fingertips, you can create the ultimate soccer team to take on challenging opponents in an exciting quest for victory.
As you progress through Dream League Soccer 2018, you'll be tasked with building up a small and weak team into a formidable force. You can sign new players, purchase uniforms, and eventually construct your very own stadium for your soccer club. The game offers plenty of content and achievements to keep you engaged in the world of mobile soccer gaming.
The main difference between Dream League Soccer 2018 and other soccer games is its controls, which may be unfamiliar or confusing to some players. However, the game's lower technical features make it accessible for those with devices that can't support top-tier games like FIFA.
Overall, Dream League Soccer 2018 is a great choice for soccer fans looking to dive into an engaging and strategic mobile sports experience. Despite some challenges with the controls, you'll find that building your dream team is a rewarding and enjoyable journey.