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Dream League Soccer 2023 Logo

Dream League Soccer 2023 is a free mobile soccer game created by First Touch Games Ltd. It's the most recent release in the popular series of Dream League Soccer games, offering improved graphics and enhanced gameplay compared to previous editions. Fans familiar with FIFA Soccer or eFootball will appreciate the realistic and engaging gaming experience this title offers. The 2023 version surpasses its predecessor in various aspects, providing a top-notch way to enjoy the Dream League Soccer series.
First Touch Soccer, now known as Dream League Soccer (DLS), has been a popular soccer game franchise since 2011 and is considered one of the best experiences for sports fans. DLS presents an extensive Career Mode that allows you to build your dream team, climb through divisions, and reach the top ranks of soccer stardom. Dream League Soccer 2023 pushes the franchise even further forward with improvements to gameplay, graphics, and overall experience.
In addition to new graphical updates and 3D motion-captured animations, the primary change in this release is improved artificial intelligence (AI). Along with over 4000 FIFPRO licensed players and team customizations, the game delivers an immersive and realistic soccer experience that has never been achieved in previous DLS releases.
Another major feature of Dream League Soccer 2023 is online multiplayer, which lets you compete against players from around the world using new Dream League Live servers. Although there are a few drawbacks to this latest release, such as quicker player stamina depletion and reduced commercial bonus rewards compared to earlier games in the series, Dream League Soccer 2023 remains a highly enjoyable game for long-time fans of the franchise.
In summary, this new edition is an impressive improvement to the already popular Dream League Soccer series with its enhanced graphics, updated gameplay mechanics, and online multiplayer functionality. Fans of soccer games will appreciate this latest addition to the franchise and should find much enjoyment in playing Dream League Soccer 2023.