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ExplorerPatcher for Windows

Revive Windows 10 Feel on 11!

  • Developer: Valinet
  • License Type: free
  • Language: english
  • Platform: Windows
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ExplorerPatcher Logo

ExplorerPatcher is a free software for Windows that helps you bring back the familiar features of Windows 10 on your new Windows 11 computer. It gives you easy access to classic options like small icons, labels support and more from the menus and taskbar. You can customize many aspects of your PC experience with ExplorerPatcher to make it fit just how you want it.
Remember that ExplorerPatcher acts like a DLL file, which means it helps your computer find the features and functions you enjoy most instead of just running as an application.
Installing ExplorerPatcher is simple, but requires some steps: first put the software in your main Windows 11 folder to activate its features. Make sure you have an internet connection when installing and restart your computer once done so that the changes take effect.
Once installed, you'll see a familiar Windows 10 interface on your screen - but don’t stop there! You can modify this to match how you want it. For example, disable the new context menu and command bar in File Explorer or choose what action happens when left-clicking a network icon.
It's even possible to replace the Windows Search completely with an older, similar version from Windows 7 if you prefer it! You can also choose whether or not certain features like immersive menus are enabled. However, do keep in mind that pinning shortcuts is currently not supported by ExplorerPatcher.
In summary: if you miss certain features from Windows 10 but still want to use your new Windows 11 computer, ExplorerPatcher is an excellent choice. It’s a powerful tool that helps you enjoy the best of both worlds – making it easier to customize your PC and use all its features at once!