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FIFA 22 for Windows

FIFA 22: Real Soccer Action Boosts Your Home Gameplay

  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • License Type: paid
  • Language: english
  • Platform: Windows
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FIFA 22 Logo

FIFA 22 is the newest release in EA's soccer simulation series. It puts you right on the pitch with a realistic environment where you can enjoy your favorite sport at home. The latest version includes extra features, an improved goalkeeper system, and many new animations to captivate players. While FIFA 22 builds upon its predecessor, don't expect significant changes in additional content. If you are looking for a more immersive management experience, try Football Manager 2021 or eFootball PES 2020 for an alternative perspective on the game.
HyperMotion technology is a major update in FIFA 21, allowing advanced AI to create new animations during real matches. While the new animations are not groundbreaking, they help you understand how the game unfolds and make better decisions on when to take certain actions. More immersive animations give you insight into where the ball will go, your player's reactions, and the optimal times for shooting or repositioning. However, with HyperMotion technology in place, there haven't been many additional updates this year. The use of the new tech does slow down game speed to some degree but makes it more realistic and rewarding, focusing on positioning and passing rather than constant shooting.
FIFA 2022 maintains its core game modes while adding customization options such as stadium and player design choices. Career Mode lets you build your team from scratch to stardom, attracting many players who enjoy creating their own soccer empire. Pro Clubs mode allows you to create a virtual player character and participate in 11v11 online matches, letting your avatar grow over time with personalized impact on the game. Volta Mode offers a more casual and street-style soccer experience with updates like skill meters, signature abilities, flair, and more to enhance performance on the pitch.
Ultimate Team (FUT) introduces a new Elite Division for top players competing in leaderboards and offers more customization options along with improved co-op matchmaking. However, the loot box system remains controversial as it creates an uncertain way to acquire desired players and reinforces a pay-to-win dynamic that many find frustrating.
In summary, FIFA 22 offers minor updates alongside HyperMotion technology to provide an engaging soccer gaming experience for both new and experienced players. Keep in mind EA's loot box practices while enjoying the game, so you don't fall into any unwanted traps or spending habits.