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Flow Launcher for Windows

Super Fast App Finder: Flow Launcher Boosts Windows Speed!

  • Developer: Jeremy Wu
  • License Type: free
  • Language: english
  • Platform: Windows
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Flow Launcher Logo

Flow Launcher is a user-friendly and open-source tool designed to speed up your workflow on Windows desktops. Created with the community in mind, this all-in-one app launcher and search engine gives you top results for system files, programs, and online searches right from your keyboard. Find everything quickly - applications, files, bookmarks, YouTube videos, Twitter accounts and more are all within reach.
Designed as a counterpart to the macOS Spotlight search bar, Flow Launcher offers incredible capabilities and customization options for Windows users who want more from their start menu. The traditional Windows Start Menu search can be frustratingly unintuitive, forcing you to manually hunt down files and documents. Flow Launcher eliminates this frustration by making it easy to find any file in the simplest way possible. Its well-designed search engine delivers accurate results quickly and efficiently.
Flow Launcher is highly customizable, allowing you to modify its appearance according to your preferences through a variety of themes. You can also change the query box and results' fonts or even customize hotkeys, making it truly adaptable to your needs. While this software is not portable upon installation, you can enable its portal mode post-installation – remember that enabling the non-portable version may remove roaming data profile and store it separately.
In addition to its customizable features, Flow Launcher offers a plugin feature that lets you install through shell commands or system functions. The search bar even supports URL and web searches directly and recognizes color codes in HEX format for easy visual customization.
Enhancing your Windows experience, Flow Launcher compensates for the limitations of traditional Start Menu search functions in Windows by providing an intuitive and efficient solution. The results are immediate – any search you make will provide the best possible outcome right away, on top of that it can be tailored to match your preferred look or complement your operating system's theme.
If you have ever wondered how the Spotlight function works on macOS, Flow Launcher brings that experience to Windows users everywhere by offering powerful and intuitive search capabilities combined with extensive customization options.