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GTA: Vice City for Mac

Vice City: Crime Wave Rising - A 80s Style Adventure

  • Developer: Rockstar Games
  • License Type: paid
  • Language: english
  • Platform: Mac
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GTA: Vice City Logo

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is an exciting action game that takes you on a thrilling journey back to the 1980s, filled with neon lights and big hair. This prequel to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City features more depth, missions, and action than ever before. If you loved GTA III, get ready for an even better experience with this game!
Set in a fictional city inspired by Miami Beach and named Vice City, the game's world is full of life. You can explore diverse environments filled with traffic on busy streets, pedestrians walking around town, and helicopters zipping above it all. The world is designed to be as immersive as possible - even the game's objects behave realistically! People will react differently when you bump into them, just like in real life.
But be prepared for some challenges - this game is single-player only and requires modding if multiplayer action is desired, unlike GTA IV which has native support. The older 3D models may also break the immersion for some players. Younger players should be cautioned as well, since this game contains mature themes like violence and profanity.
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories revolves around the story of Vic Vance, a former convict seeking to start anew after being released from prison. However, things take a turn when his drug deal goes horribly wrong and he ends up entangled in the treacherous world of organized crime – complete with rival gangs, corrupt officials, natural disasters...and more.
As you play as Vic and navigate this dangerous underworld full of betrayals and challenges, you will build your criminal empire using both cunning strategy and brute force. All while seeking revenge on those who wronged him. The game offers fast-paced action, detailed environments, and unforgettable characters that keep you coming back for more excitement!
The heart of the Grand Theft Auto series is its driving mechanics – Vice City Stories doesn't disappoint. You will find a variety of vehicles to suit your taste, from high-speed sports cars for quick escapes or crime chases, slower but more resistant sedans and wagons if you prefer defense strategies; even buses or trucks are available. You can also jump on motorcycles for a speedier chase, shoot enemies ahead while driving in helicopters and boats races!
Vice City Stories shares the universe with GTA III and San Andreas, known as the 3D era. Although released between them chronologically, this game actually serves as a prequel if played in order. The characters are shared among these games while GTA IV and V belong to another era but still share some points of reference within the universe!
In summary, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories offers a thrilling journey back to the neon-lit 1980s with deep missions and exciting action. Its immersive world, diverse vehicles, and heart-pounding gameplay make this a standout installment in the iconic series - even if it requires modding for multiplayer functionality. Experience Vice City’s bustling streets, seedy underbelly and vibrant nightlife as you rise through the criminal ranks in this unforgettable adventure.