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LMC8.2 for Android

Indie Developer's Pixel Cam for Android: Snap Google-Style Free!

  • Developer: Hasli
  • License Type: free
  • Language: english
  • Platform: Android
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LMC8.2 Logo

LMC8.2 is a free photography app for smartphones developed by independent developer Hasli. It's based on the Google Camera app used in Google Pixel devices and comes as standard with Android OS. Unlike other camera apps like Manual Camera or Open Camera, LMC8.2 includes exclusive Google features developed in-house and has a unique image processing style that sets it apart from competitors.
Google may not be as popular as Samsung when it comes to Android, but they've been creating impressive devices for years with excellent cameras that many users desire. However, these great camera experiences were limited to Pixel phones only. LMC8.2 and other similar ports have made it possible for non-Pixel devices to access exclusive Google features, offering high-quality image processing that users love about Pixel phones.
LMC8.2 is a port of the Google Camera app designed to work on non-Pixel devices, providing top-notch image quality and signature processing style that makes Pixel photos stand out. The images produced have a dramatic yet natural appearance with enhanced contrast and improved fine detail in shots due to better exposure management. Additionally, users can enjoy features like HDR+ for superior image quality and Night Sight, which is a top choice when it comes to low-light photography.
Before using LMC8.2, be aware that this app is an unofficial port and may not work flawlessly on all devices or with every camera hardware available in the market. However, it offers a taste of Google's impressive photography capabilities to non-Pixel phone users. If you are fascinated by what Google has achieved with the Pixel devices, LMC8.2 is a great tool for testing out its camera processing capabilities on your phone. Keep in mind that compatibility may not be guaranteed with every device, but it's still worth trying to experience the class-leading image processing LMC8.2 has to offer.