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MSWLogo Logo

MSWLogo for Windows

Discover MSWLogo: Fun Learning Through LISP

  • Developer: Softronix
  • License Type: free
  • Language: english
  • Platform: Windows
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MSWLogo Logo

MSWLogo is a user-friendly programming environment based on the Logo programming language, originally inspired by LISP and created for educational purposes. It was used to demonstrate Jim Muller's Logo manual, titled "The Great Logo Adventure." George Mills developed this open-source program with source code available in Borland C++. MSWLogo shares a core similarity to UCBLogo, another Logo implementation by Brian Harvey. Over time, MSWLogo has evolved into FMSLogo, a more advanced and free version of the programming language for Windows systems.
The purpose of MSWLogo is to create games or software specifically designed for Windows environments. It serves as an accessible platform for learning programming, particularly suited for children and beginner programmers. The interface is easy to grasp with graphs, charts, and interactive elements that enhance the learning experience without becoming dull or repetitive. Its basic user interface resembles MS Basic in operation, making it a familiar choice for those who have prior knowledge of the latter.
In addition to its simplicity, there are numerous tutorials and video guides available online that will guide users in learning Logo programming with MSWLogo. With these resources at hand, you can quickly learn to create your own simple programs or graphics without difficulty.
To download and install the MSWLogo programming tool on your computer, visit its developer page for an official copy of this software solution. However, note that it is primarily compatible with older Windows versions; thus, if you are using a modern system, downloading FMSLogo would be more suitable.
The software has non-English kits available for its desktop application, including German, Portuguese, Japanese, and two French versions to cater a wider range of users. MSWLogo also offers support for multiple turtles and 3D computer graphics in its programming environment, making installation on your system a swift process without the need for additional setting configurations.
As an intuitive yet somewhat limited tool, MSWLogo is perfect for beginners and children who are new to Logo-based programming. However, it may not be the best choice for experienced users seeking more advanced capabilities or a chance to delve deeper into progressive programming projects.