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MT Manager for Android

Customize Apps for Free with MT Manager: Ultimate APK Editor

  • Developer: Lin Jin Bin
  • License Type: free
  • Language:
  • Platform: Android
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MT Manager Logo

MT Manager is an app created by Lin Jin Bin that serves as a helpful tool for customizing and modifying your mobile device's applications. This free utility allows you to easily edit any app installed on your phone or tablet, giving you full control over the way they work and look.
As an APK editor, MT Manager provides various editing tools like XML editor, arsc editor, and .dex editor that make it easier for you to customize apps. You can remove signatures or access limitations on the app's version directly from your device without needing any coding knowledge. Additionally, this software also functions as a file manager that lets you open and manage various files like ZIP archives with ease. You can copy, move or delete files using the simple interface provided by MT Manager.
One notable feature of this app is its ability to access system directories and remount file systems in read-write mode, providing better control over your device's files. MT Manager also comes with additional tools such as text editor, image viewer and script executor that help you make changes to any app installed on your mobile device.
Despite its powerful capabilities, MT Manager has some drawbacks. Users have reported crashes while working with large app files and false alarms from security apps tagging it as a potential hacking tool during downloads. However, if you are comfortable taking these risks, MT Manager can be an excellent choice for customizing and modifying apps on your mobile device without the need to learn coding.