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A Princess's Guide to Saving Dragons cover

A Princess's Guide to Saving Dragons

Dragon Raising Manual ; Handbook for Feeding Dragon ; Si Long Shou Ce ; Sì Lóng Shǒu Cè ; ドラゴンを手懐ける方法 ; 饲龙手册 ; 대공님에게 빠져버렸습니다

  • Author: Pimo
  • Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Manhua, Romance, Shoujo
A Princess's Guide to Saving Dragons cover

Before the overworked Yumi Clarke took her last breath, she wished to be reborn as a fabulously wealthy person. So imagine her delight when she awoke in a video game as a princess! In true princess fashion, she gets rescued by a handsome stranger. But life in the castle is no ball when her brother is plotting to overthrow the emperor, a tyrant known for waging a war against dragons. Oh, and the stranger? His name's Qastor Ace... The dragon prince! Can Yumi bring peace to these factions or does she need to learn how to reword her wishes better?