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Cute Ogre cover

Cute Ogre

通天嗜宠(条漫版),这些神兽有点萌之通天嗜宠,这个神兽有点萌之通天嗜宠,这个神兽有点萌,Monster Imut,El Tierno Ogro,Zhe ge shen shou you dian meng,Zhege shenshou youdian meng,Cute Ogre: Heavenly Pet

  • Author: Zuoan Comic
  • Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Webtoons
Cute Ogre cover

It is agreed she will become moon goddess after rebirth. How come she became Taotie the gourmand? Dying of fatness in her previous life, what should she do since she has never eaten her fill this life? Gods she had met are less and less reliable. God of Food, the slim one, says he has never been fat all day long. Er-Lang, the god in red, is quite coquettish. Actually I do need a reliable god, okay?