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Dangerous Convenience Store cover

Dangerous Convenience Store

위험한 편의점; ; Dangerous Convenience Store

  • Author: 945
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance, Yaoi
Dangerous Convenience Store cover

Yeo Eui Joon, who works at a convenience store frequented by gangsters, wants to quit as soon as possible because of the dangerous work environment. However, he's stopped by the pay that's 1. 2x more than other stores! So, Eui Joon, who needs every penny he can get, overlooks the danger and continues working there. Then one day, Bum Geon Woo, who looks more like a gangster than any other gangsters show up. And as soon as he appears, the other gangsters simmer down... Will Eui Joon be able to safely continue working at this convenience store?