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Disastrous Necromancer cover

Disastrous Necromancer

Disastrous Necromancer, Catastrophic Necromancer, Necromancer! I Am a Disaster, NECROMANCER: King of The Scourge, 死灵法师!我即是天灾

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Disastrous Necromancer cover

The game becomes reality, the rules of the world are subverted and human beings enter the era of job changes for all. Only by becoming a Job Changer! And becoming stronger! Can one stand on top of the world! On the day of his job change, Lin Moyu became the only hidden profession, the Necromancer. From then on, since his summons will never die, Lin Moyu will also never die. "I sit high above on a throne of bones, threading the path between life and death. " "I am the Catastrophe! "