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Duchess of the Glass House cover

Duchess of the Glass House

LA DUQUESA DE INVERNADERO DE CRISTAL; The Duchess of the Glass Greenhouse; Yurionsir-ui Gongjang Buin; 유리온실의 공작 부인; Release 2021

  • Author: 공기알
  • Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Manhwa, Romance
Duchess of the Glass House cover

Live your life. Don't be swayed and give it to others. "Edhart's words were quite arbitrary but they strangely resonated with me. However, my marriage with him was close to misfortune and my precious child was taken away. I died lonely in a humble detached house. My second life was thankfully given to me when I gave up on everything. I vowed to make take the opportunity I was given. "When I close my eyes the past will clearly emerge in front of me, but now I'm going to face them without running away. To protect me and my child! "