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Ex-Husband, Please Go Away! cover

Ex-Husband, Please Go Away!

前夫大人请滚开(中文), Go away, Ex-husband!(Bahasa Indonesia), Qianfu daren qing gun kai

  • Author: Tianyi ai dongman
  • Genres: Romance, Webtoons
Ex-Husband, Please Go Away! cover

Married by the parents' order, Kang Qiao's CEO husband Huo Si Nan has never touched her for half a year, and meanwhile her mother-in-law keeps creating trouble for her, and even brings another girl into Huo's mansion to live with Kang Qiao, it seems her married life is getting increasingly tougher and Kang Qiao asks for a divorce. Then quite accidentally, the couple somehow fulfils their conjugal love, and things just become even more complicated