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Akuma na Eros cover

Akuma na Eros

处女危机 ; 悪魔なエロス ; 悪魔なエロス virgin crisis ; Akuma na Eros - Virgin Crisis ; Satanic Eros - Virgin Crisis ; Satanic honey ; Virgin Crisis

  • Author: Shinjo Mayu
  • Genres: Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Smut
  • Caution: This work may include mature content intended for adult audiences
Akuma na Eros cover

Miu Sakurai, age 15, attends a Catholic school where she prays every day for her admired Shion Amamiya to return her love. When that doesn't work, she places her faith in a book of magic and tries casting one of its spells. However, it's not love that manifests... It's Satan! "The recompense for the contract to grant your wish is your virginity, " he tells her, and this is Miu's virgin crisis! Vol. 4, Story 2: Satanic HoneyMalphas, who exists on Earth as Tsubasa, meets a young girl named Manami who has an unusual compassion for crows. She has two secrets which will transform Tsubasa's reasons for wanting to mature into a full demon... Vol. 4, Story 3: Satanic CohabitationThe continued adventures of Miu and Satan. Baal, who desires Satan's place as the Lord of Hell, kidnaps Miu to use as Satan-bait. But complications arise when Baal looks for the aspect of Miu that would attract a high-level demon... And finds it!