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Destroy and Revolution cover

Destroy and Revolution

デストロイアンドレボリューション ; デストロイ×レボリューション ; Pagwasak at Rebolusyon (Filipino)

  • Author: Mori Kouji
  • Genres: Drama, Mature, Psychological, Seinen, Supernatural
  • Caution: This work may include mature content intended for adult audiences
Destroy and Revolution cover

What happens when a person with supernatural powers, meets person with great terrorism idea? Find out yourself. This is a horror story in which the protagonist, Makoto, appears to be a normal kid and live a happy life, although in reality it is fed by anger and hatred. What is their secret then? From Makoto is a quiet, unobtrusive boy with passable looks and average grades. The last thing he expects is to be noticed by Yuuki - a model student who is as popular as he is notorious for his brilliance, his looks... And his uncanny knack for always having his way with everyone. Thus begins the fateful partnership between a nondescript high-school student with budding supernatural powers and an intelligent, charming young terrorist-in-the-making.