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Eyes clouded by the tiger cover

Eyes clouded by the tiger

A Tiger Frost on the Snow,; Eyes Clouded by the Tiger,; Nun-e Beom-i Seolida,; 눈에 범이 서리다

  • Author: Brothers Without A Tomorrow
  • Genres: Yaoi, Smut
  • Caution: This work may include mature content intended for adult audiences
Eyes clouded by the tiger cover

Ahn Geumhu, the eldest son of the Ahn household, needed the blood of livestock for his younger brother's medicine, and so set out to find a pariah familiar with butchery. In the process, he ended up meeting a nameless pariah with a unique appearance. He gave that man, who was already famous on the streets, the name 'Beom', and brought him into his house to utilize his ambiguous charisma. However, at some point, even he was taken in by Beom's charm... The story of a noble who was captured by a tiger while trying to tame him. +