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Fire After Rebirth cover

Fire After Rebirth

Wan Ren Xian Chongsheng Hou Huobao Quan Wang , Thousands of People Suspected of Reborn Queen for Being Popular on the Internet, Wàn Rén Xián Chóngshēng Hòu Huǒbào Quán Wǎng, 万人嫌重生后火爆全网

  • Author: Grapefruit Toffee
  • Genres: Shounen ai, Romance, Drama, Psychological
  • Caution: This work may include mature content intended for adult audiences
Fire After Rebirth cover

Lin Qingyan was born without pain, and Master Gu was afraid that his baby would be injured and didn't know, so he used this reason to check people's whole body every day. Shuang Jie/Sweet Chong's cold and well-behaved little beauty is attacked by x indifferent and domineering business tycoons Lin Qingyan in his previous life was deceived by a scumbag, framed by white lotus, and abused by netizens He shouted and finally died miserably in a dilapidated house. After his rebirth, he decided to stay away from the scumbag and the white lotus, and concentrate on his career, only to find that the man who took care of him before his death in his previous life turned out to be a well-known business tycoon - Gu Fei. +