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Genius Poison Princess Consort Han Yun Xi cover

Genius Poison Princess Consort Han Yun Xi

  • Author: Bo Yi Chuang Wei Dong Man
  • Genres: Historical, Manhua, Martial arts, Romance, Full Color
  • Caution: This work may include mature content intended for adult audiences
Genius Poison Princess Consort Han Yun Xi cover

She was a petty and low ugly girl from medicine aristocratic family and was a weak and easily bullied by others. Her family dislikes her. He was the most respected Prince of the kingdom on Tian Ning. Millions of people support and most powerful Prince. On the day of the wedding, the marriage sedan was arrived, the entrance door of Prince Qin mansion was tightly closed. She was married alone without Prince Qin. She known as weak and ugly woman by others but actually she was pretty and talented poisonous doctor. On the wedding night, she saved an assassin. After she finished treated his injured and she promised him: "I already detoxify the poison in your body, Assassin Brother. Please hurriedly leave and I won't expose you. " Who knows that the assassin will said: "Tonight is my wedding chamber night, where do you want the me to go?