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Gokudou to Omega ~Mukidashi no Katsuai.~ cover

Gokudou to Omega ~Mukidashi no Katsuai.~

The Yakuza and the Omega ~Raw Desire~; 极道与OMEGA~赤裸的渴爱。~; 極道とオメガ~剥き出しの渇愛。~; 極道與OMEGA~赤裸的渴愛。~; Gokudou to Omega - Mukidashi no Katsuai.; Gokudo to Omega ~Mukidashi no Katsuai.~; Gokudou To Omega

  • Author: AOI Chizu
  • Genres: Romance, Smut, Mafia
  • Caution: This work may include mature content intended for adult audiences
Gokudou to Omega ~Mukidashi no Katsuai.~ cover

Jeez Going into heat in a place like this"I hate this, but I can't stop my instinctual desire I can't believe that this first-rate, yet horrible man is my fated matchNiikura Wakana is a romance writer who can't sell. Her editor recommended an assignment to her: interview the "first-rate alpha male, " the young leader of the Koukyou yakuza group, Tatara Kunimitsu, for a magazine article! To get closer to this beautiful man of mystery, Wakana poses as a hostess for a high-end club, but she can't stop sweating from her nervousness or so she thought, but in reality, she was experiencing her first heat! Bewildered by the awakening of her omega traits and unable to control or restrain her aching body, Wakana's pheromones attract a large group of men In this desperate situation, the one who comes to the rescue is!!! Is this feeling love, or is it simply animalistic instinct?