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Hakaiou Noritaka cover

Hakaiou Noritaka

破壊王ノリタカ! ; Noritaka

  • Author: Hamori Takashi
  • Genres: Comedy, Martial arts, School life, Shounen, Sports
  • Caution: This work may include mature content intended for adult audiences
Hakaiou Noritaka cover

Noritaka Sawamura is a teenager; until this day, everybody has been making fun of him. Now he enters the high school which is an opportunity for him to restart a new life! He loves a girl of his school, but he needs to be a little bit stronger to be recognized by everybody. So he joins the Thai boxing section. His entertainment is very special, due to his master who seems to be a little mad. Noritaka will make you laugh, for sure! Note: My favorite passage is when Sawamura spins through a window with a helmet, his trousers missing, with crap coming out of his ass, and everybody looking at him. He is the most ridiculous man in the world at this moment!