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Lost Virgin (Nagi Wataru) cover

Lost Virgin (Nagi Wataru)

ロストバージン (那木渡)

  • Author: Nagi Wataru
  • Genres: Yaoi, Smut
  • Caution: This work may include mature content intended for adult audiences
Lost Virgin (Nagi Wataru) cover

The young actor Emoto wants to get in contact with his kouhai from university, Kurama. However, not able to get a good timing, he follows him around like a stalker day by day. His actions irritate the popular Okama talent Chouko, who warns him not to approach Kurama anymore. Emoto, while initially defiant, reveals his true feelings after being forced to drink. Dead drunk, Emoto shows a weak, different side of him when he expresses his feelings of wanting to apologize to Kurama and at the same time he knocks Chouko out with his cuteness. Intimidating! Chouko switches from a woman to a super ikemen! The long awaited spin off of the highly popular series Renai Fuyuki Todoki is finally here!