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Love Nest (Yuu Minaduki) cover

Love Nest (Yuu Minaduki)


  • Author: Yuu Minaduki
  • Genres: Yaoi
  • Caution: This work may include mature content intended for adult audiences
Love Nest (Yuu Minaduki) cover

After being heartbroken by his crush from college, Hoizumi ventures into the world of homosexuality. After frequenting a certain gay bar, he becomes friends with the master there. Tired of living in his apartment with the noisy children above him, Hoizumi has some luck and the Master of the bar offers to let him live in his second home. However, Hoizumi doesn't find out until after he moves that he will have a roommate named Asahi. Can these two new roommates overcome their differences and become friends? Maybe even something more?