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Lovely Fish cover

Lovely Fish

Jiao Ren Zai Zai San Sui La, Jiāo Rén Zǎi Zǎi Sān Suì La, The Merchild Has Been Three Years Old, The Three Year Old Merchild, 鲛人崽崽三岁啦, 鲛人崽崽三岁啦 lovely fish

  • Authors: Rainbow manhua, Xi qianqian
  • Genres: Adaptation, Fantasy, Historical, Reincarnation
  • Caution: This work may include mature content intended for adult audiences
Lovely Fish cover

After experiencing the tragic death of her family in her previous life, Mo Jiaojiao has been reborn back into her 3 y/o self! This life, she decides to enter the palace earlier to save Mo Yuan State, but never would have thought her papa was a cruel tyrant. He not only forced her to learn etiquette, but also kills without reason... After, Mo Jiaojiao becomes the little princess most doted on, and even connects with that hostage from the enemy state. The tyrant can only angrily warn: all of you scram! Jiaojiao is a treasure that belongs only to me!