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Omae no Koi wa Ore no Mono cover

Omae no Koi wa Ore no Mono


  • Author: Tokita Honoji
  • Genres: Romance, Yaoi
  • Caution: This work may include mature content intended for adult audiences
Omae no Koi wa Ore no Mono cover

Captain of the Judo Club, Mochizuki, and Captain of the Karate Club, Ishio, are like cat and dog. Everyday is filled with quarrels over the small gym they share. One day, Ishio accidentally saw Mochizuki's bare skin when he was changing clothes and became really flustered. As revenge for receiving insults from him, Mochizuki created a strategy - a sex appeal strategy to ruin Ishio. Without any consideration of place or time, he would hug him, push down him, chase him anywhere, etc. It's a love story spun by boys with nice muscular bodies, noisily quarreling each other.