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Omoi no Kakera cover

Omoi no Kakera

想いの欠片 (Japanese); 回忆的碎片 (Chinese); Love & Piece; Fragments of Love (English); Любви фрагменты (Russian); Omoino Kakera; Omoino-Kakera

  • Author: Takemiya Jin
  • Genres: Drama, Josei, School life, Yuri
  • Caution: This work may include mature content intended for adult audiences
Omoi no Kakera cover

Mika, a high school student, has no doubts that she is a lesbian, few people around her know that though. She works at a cafe admiring the owner and visits bars in the gay district. This story presents her life in pieces: from acquiring a surprising friend to helping a married woman discover herself and experiencing disheartening early love. All the while Mika is the confident young adult woman with an impressively mature mind.