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Onihime VS cover

Onihime VS

鬼姫VS ; 팬텀 프린세스 VS ; Demon Princess VS ; Onihime Versus ; Phantom Princess VS

  • Author: Lim Dall-young
  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Romance, School life, Seinen, Supernatural
  • Caution: This work may include mature content intended for adult audiences
Onihime VS cover

Weak, bullied, and pessimistic about life, that's Setsuna Kashiwagi. On the verge of jumping off a bridge, a mysterious man appears behind him and offers the contract "10 million yen in exchange for your life in a year. " Skeptical at first, he accepts. Waking up the next morning, thinking it was just a dream, he notices 2 beautiful women sitting beside him. They are Kanna and Rena, Oni princesses here to claim his heart in a year.