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Ore no Otouto no Honjitsu no Onedari cover

Ore no Otouto no Honjitsu no Onedari


  • Author: Tsumumi
  • Genres: Adult, Comedy, Romance, Smut, Yaoi
  • Caution: This work may include mature content intended for adult audiences
Ore no Otouto no Honjitsu no Onedari cover

I want to have sex with you, nii-chan. "That one sentence from my younger brother made my - Ichinose Chihiro's - life do a complete 180. Chikage and I are brothers that get along well. It's been a few years since I started to live together in Tokyo with my responsible younger brother, who is also a mangaka. Is this a punishment to me for relaxing into this comfortable lifestyle!!! While I'm stupefied by the sudden declaration of "wanting to have sex, " my younger brother approaches closer. Even if he needs it as a reference for his work, w-we shouldn't do such things-!!! But if it's my cute little brother that's pleading me so desperately, I might... Just give in... Maybe... What should I do!!! This is a perverted scramble of a battle under one roof!