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Our Team Is Last Place Anyway cover

Our Team Is Last Place Anyway

어차피 우리팀은 꼴찌야; ; The Losing Streak [Official][15+]

  • Author: Peralta Hong Gwa
  • Genres: Comedy, Sports, Romance
  • Caution: This work may include mature content intended for adult audiences
Our Team Is Last Place Anyway cover

After much disappointment in supporting a baseball team that earns last place season after season, Shin Seung Ah is determined to quit being a fan. However, after kissing Choi Jon during the kiss cam in a spur of the moment decision, the team suddenly sees a miraculous come-from-behind victory. Realizing that a stronger physical connection between herself and Choi Jon leads to positive effects on the team, she decides to initiate the "Team Winning Project"!