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Outburst cover


아웃버스트; ; Outburst

  • Author: Mogong Park Siang
  • Genres: Action, Romance, Yaoi
  • Caution: This work may include mature content intended for adult audiences
Outburst cover

Noir BL manhwa about the psychological development of characters suffering from deep self-hatred combined with a sense of guilt that shouldn't be seen between the police and criminals. Murder Inc. A notorious hit group whose existence itself is veiled, boasts considerable power among the mafia with their perfect workmanship. In order to get those fucking psychopaths with my own hands, I decided to enter the killers' den. I will avenge sunbae. Simone, a third-year wheelman for Murder Inc. And an undercover detective. "Lately, every time you see me... You have a hungry look in those eyes. ""Is it that obvious? ""Why are you acting so naive? You don't need to. "Murder Inc. 's boss and the best hitman, codename Mr. NeroEugene. "Don't let your guard down. You never know when you're gonna be shot dead. ""You're the one that should be careful. Maybe a bullet will hit the back of your head. "Before he was able to finish his sentence, Simone tilted his head and kissed Eugene. His tongue naturally came into his mouth and settled down, like a snake coiling up. A relationship that has been kept hidden. In the darkness that cannot bring happiness, the two gradually colored the world for each other. +