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God Jangsan Tiger cover

God Jangsan Tiger

神장산범; God Jangsan Beom; The Jangsan Tiger

  • Author: Ryeong
  • Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo
God Jangsan Tiger cover

Hong Sia is someone who doesn't have any luck with love, money, family, nor answers to life. But one winter day, she picked up a cat, or rather a Jangsan Tiger? "Huh? I imprinted on a beast with strange abilities a Jangsan Tiger? " "I will decide the fate of my contractor. " A life-changing romance thriller with a beast-man, no, a real beast! G** Jangsan Tiger, Epic Journey into the World of G** Jangsanbeom, JANGSANBEOM, The Mimic Tiger, The Tiger G** of Jangsan,,.