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I Violently Level Up cover

I Violently Level Up

I’m Berserk To Upgrade ; I'm Berserk To Upgrade ; Berserk Boost ; I Am Crazy Upgrade ; I Upgrade Violently

  • Author: Zhǎng yuè wénhuà
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Manhua, Martial arts, Full Color, Webtoons
I Violently Level Up cover

Have you ever seen the killing of chicken bring out the divine blood? Have you ever seen anyone who kills toads and shows off his martial arts? Have you ever seen women all over the world crazy for a man? Shouldering the Dragon slaying knife and holding the God's sword, my brother asked, "who else is there? " Otaku Long fei comes across with a rage system. Kill monsters and kill people. Crush the three realms and destroy all those who don't obey! Berserk Boost, I Am Crazy Upgrade, I Upgrade Violently