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If Love Falls on You cover

If Love Falls on You

If Love Falls on You; 恋が落ちたら

  • Author: Aki Ueda
  • Genres: Romance, Yaoi
If Love Falls on You cover

One night, right after he was dumped by his boyfriend, a pair of underwear came falling down upon Ise's head. The one who dropped it was a man named Hishimoto, who Ise couldn't seem to ignore, and they end up working together to bring in the laundry that had fallen onto a tree outside his window. After being told by Hishimoto that he would like to thank him, Ise goes up to his place. There, he is told that Hishimoto has been thinking about him, and had used the fallen laundry as an excuse. Further more, Hishimoto then flirts with him, asking if he's interested in older men!!!