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I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother cover

I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother

I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother / 용사의 어머니가 되겠습니다

  • Author: Read Ongoing Manga
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I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother cover

Even if you become my wife, I won't touch you""Is that so? Then it's okay if I touch you, okay? """"What? "***In about 20 years in the future, this world will. Destroyed by the devil. There is only one way to prevent that catastrophe. It was to marry the duke known as the "monster" and give birth to his child. After that, the baby will become a warrior to save this world. "Mielle, this marriage, let me take your place. "Yelena, you are the one who has the ability to see the future. She has decided to marry the monster duke and give birth to the baby to save the world, however"Are we going to stay lazy like that? "When she tries to get rid of it, Look at your husband's defense that's like an impregnable fortress! It's beyond imagination! "I told you to take off your clothes! Why don't you take off!!! Is it your skin? "Will Yelena finally give birth to a warrior to save the world safely?