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I'll Become the Tyrant's Tutor cover

I'll Become the Tyrant's Tutor

I’ll Become the Tyrant’s Tutor/ The Tyrant’s Tutor/ Я стала наставницей тирана / Я стала учителем тирана / 我要成为暴君的家教 / 폭군의 가정교사가 되겠습니다

  • Author: Chae Yoohwa
  • Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Slice of life
I'll Become the Tyrant's Tutor cover

If there is no "Beauty" in "The Beauty and the Beast", then who shall lift the Beast's curse? "One day, someone trapped in a world of black and white will appear, and stain your world with blood. " Thanks to this prophecy, the "Beast", Prince Raynsis, was abandoned and left to fend for himself. To undo the curse, he needs the "Beauty", but the only problem is "Who the hell is this beauty supposed to be!!! " I reincarnated into my own, incomplete novel before I wrote about the beauty's appearance! All I know about the "Beauty" is that she has black hair and crimson eyes But after witnessing Prince Raynsis' unfortunate childhood firsthand, I resolved to go and find the Beast's beauty myself!