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Jueun cover



  • Author: Yangha
  • Genres: Webtoons, Yaoi
Jueun cover

Let me have a family. " Growing up in an orphanage, Jinheon finds a newborn baby from the forest where he prayed every day. A small child who would not have been found without Jinheon. Jinheon, who had been longing for a family, thinks that this is the blessing of the Lord and gives the child the name Ju-eun himself. Soon after, however, Ju-eun is adopted, and although he seemed to live happily with his new family, he loses his parents in an unexpected accident and is left alone. Jinheon appears again in front of Joo-eun, who was tired of the hellish days and tried to kill himself. However, Joo-eun does not remember Jin-heon, and Jin-heon wants to be a new family for Joo-eun. In which direction will Jinheon's affection be directed in the name of family? Jueun,.