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Literature Boy cover

Literature Boy

문학소년; Best Left Unwritten

  • Authors: Kim Son, Lee Younggo
  • Genres: Drama, Romance, Yaoi
Literature Boy cover

Choi Sunwoo and Ahn Haejin couldn’t have come from more different backgrounds. With a renowned linguistics professor for a father and an extremely successful author for a mother, Sunwoo was perfectly set up for a successful career in writing. Ahn Haejin however, had been left to take care of himself ever since he was in high school, working part time jobs just to survive. The two become unexpected friends as the sole members of the creative writing club, but after a dramatic falling out, Sunwoo and Haejin lose touch for years until unexpectedly meeting again working for the same publishing company. Sunwoo and Haejin try to keep things professional, but their sudden reunion dredges up painful memories from the past along with feelings they had both struggled to suppress… Literary Boy / 文学少年 / 문학소년