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My Hyung's Sunbae cover

My Hyung's Sunbae

Brother's Senior; Brother's Senpai; Hyung's Seonbae; Hyung's Sunbae; 형의 선배;

  • Authors: Leo, 레오
  • Genres: Drama, Yaoi
My Hyung's Sunbae cover

Injun, who returns from studying abroad, is desperate to hear that his lover, Saein, has imprinted with Jaekyung, who is rumored to be promiscuous... Leaving Injun behind, toward Jaekyung, he does not see a huge truck near him. Injun and Jaekyung, who threw themselves to save him, are caught in an accident. After not waking up for a long time, Injun woke up and was shocked to see his own face in the mirror... +