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Nan Eomma Nun Appa cover

Nan Eomma Nun Appa

난 엄마 넌 아빠 ; I Am Mama, and You Are Papa ; I Mama You Papa ; You Papa ; I'm Mama, and You're Papa ; I'm the Mom You're the Dad ; I'm the Mom, You're the Dad ; Ako ang Nanay, Ikaw ang Tatay(Filipino) ; Je suis la mère, Tu es le père (Français) ; Ik ben mama, jij bent papa (Dutch)

  • Author: Hwang Mi-ri
  • Genres: Drama, Romance, School life, Shoujo
Nan Eomma Nun Appa cover

From Rosa Negra: A plain highschool girl, Sun-Nam Bae. She wanted to be free for once in her life, and decided to rebel. But the result of such rebellion... Being a mom!!! "Who the heck are you? Where did a ugly pumpkin like this roll in from? You think I was born a man, just to live with a ugly girl like you? "Bravely standing her ground against a spoiled young master, Chun-Doong Mah, with her child. Chun-Doong and Sun-Nam's tumultuous diary of raising a child!!!