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Wedding Impossible cover

Wedding Impossible

결혼식 불가능,Weding Impaseobeul,Невозможная свадьба,웨딩 임파서블

  • Authors: Jeong Won Song, Chung Lee
  • Genres: Comedy, Josei, Romance, Webtoons
Wedding Impossible cover

Thirty-three years old, a 10-year-old theater actor Naa Jung engaged to a third-generation chaebol? She did not have to worry anything about, "so I expected her parents' bold opposition. "However, unlike her expectation that marriage can done so smoothly. No, I thought so "Brother, are you crazy? I oppose this marriage, even if I die! ". I was attacked by a prospective brother-in-law like a storm! "Take the permission of your pre-brother marriage! Even in just two months and let's see who wins??? "But there is one hidden secret here. In fact, your fianc is gay??? Making contract marriage with Naa Jung to receive 500 million won. Can this marriage be successful? Defeat your brother and succeed in marriage! Wedding Impossible!