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Ogar for Windows

Free Node.js Server: Top GitHub Pick

  • Developer: GitHub
  • License Type: free
  • Language: english
  • Platform: Windows
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Ogar Logo

Introducing Ogar, an open-source server implementation of the popular game created using Node.js! This project is highly ranked among Top Open Source Projects on GitHub, and it's available for you to download completely free of charge.
Within this particular project, a grand total of 902 commits have been made across two branches and one release. Ogar is the name given to this exciting initiative by its passionate community, who worked together with 39 other talented contributors to bring you a fantastic game experience.
In simpler terms: Ogar is an open-source version of the game, made with Node.js code and available for free on GitHub. The project has 902 commits in two different branches, one release, and collaborations from 39 people working together to make the game enjoyable for everyone.