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Optimizer for Windows

Effortless PC Boost: Hellzerg's Open-Source Utility

  • Developer: Hellzerg
  • License Type: free
  • Language: english
  • Platform: Windows
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Optimizer Logo

Optimizer is a free and user-friendly tool that helps you modify your computer's settings. Developed by an independent developer, Hellzerg, this software allows experienced users to make adjustments and tweaks to their Windows operating system easily with a simple interface.
Unlike WinSlap, Optimizer is portable – no installation needed! You can use it on any computer by running the program directly from an external storage device. Plus, this software supports multiple versions of Windows for added convenience and versatility.
To get started with Optimizer, open the program and dive into its single tabbed interface divided into 11 sections: Universal, Windows 10, UWP Apps, Startup, Common Apps, Cleaner, Pinger, Hosts, Registry Integrator and Options.
1. Universal tab lets you disable tasks like Telemetry or Windows Defender to enhance your system's performance.
2. The dedicated Windows 10 section enables users to modify features such as disabling Cortana or automatic updates.
3. In the UWP Apps tab, you can uninstall pre-loaded Windows applications like Bing.
4. The Startup section helps manage programs that launch after your computer starts up.
5. Common Apps tab features popular apps like browsers and media players, which you can install on your device.
6. The Cleaner section assists in deleting temporary system files and cache to free up space and optimize performance.
7. Use the Pinger tab for latency tests, as well as flushing your DNS Cache when necessary.
8. The Hosts tab provides protection against malicious websites trying to access your computer online.
9. Fix common registry issues in the Registry section with ease, and create custom items for apps or actions using Integrator tab settings.
10. Finally, make design changes to your interface in the Options tab, as well as check for software updates regularly!
Please note that Optimizer is designed specifically for advanced users with experience tweaking and configuring PC settings. A steep learning curve means caution should be taken when using this tool to avoid any unintended system issues or errors. Optimizer is a great choice for power users who want full control over their computer's configuration and settings!